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Flush Casement

Flush casement windows unite traditional appearance with modern engineering. The casements are inset flush with the frame hence their name.

Box Sash

Tailor-made lead weights hung on chords through pulley wheels ensure our sashes slide vertically in a fluent and effortless manner.

Spiral/Slide & Tilt Sash

Featuring pre-tensioned spiral balances instead of traditional weights, this opening method allows the window frame section to be reduced.

Imitation Sliding Sash

A more cost effective alternative to the traditional box sash window. The top sash is actually a top hung casement overlapping the top rail of the bottom sash.

Yorkshire Sliding Sash

These windows are used when the opening dimensions are wider than tall, where vertical sliding sash windows would look squat in appearance.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a property, whilst being a versatile addition by creating the illusion of a larger room, increase the flow of natural light and provide superior views of the outside.